• Hamilton City Council- declare a climate emergency!
    Declaring a climate emergency is essential if we wish to survive. The effects of climate change are already becoming evident in our everyday lives with the rising sea-levels, higher temperatures, more frequent extreme weather events such as flooding and droughts and the change in the rainfall patterns (more summer rainfall for North Island, and more winter rainfall for South Island.) This has a huge impact on biodiversity in New Zealand, our Agricultural businesses such as Dairy Farming and Fruit and Vegetable farming and also effects average household and business costs causing our economy to fluctuate. It is likely that Climate Change will kill us, sooner than you may think. And it's not just us. It's every single living thing on this earth. Everything will be at risk causing a Mass Extinction of millions of species. It will be like what happened to the dinosaurs but slow, painful and a heck of a lot worse. Declaring a Climate emergency now will safeguard a future for your children, grandchildren and many future generations to come.
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  • Porirua City Council - take climate action
    This is a call to action for our representatives to declare a climate emergency for Porirua city and to take decisive action. Climate breakdown is a challenge for all humanity, but it is also our biggest opportunity. By declaring a climate emergency we can ensure our representatives make the necessary decisions in time to save our local ecosystems and our planet. The effects of climate change strike to the heart of our communities, and will have a major impact on local schools, residents, and businesses. We need urgent and strategic action from our local council representatives to address the challenge seriously. We have the means, and access to resources to transition, and we also have an obligation to countries worst affected by climate change. Climate breakdown is challenging, but by decarbonising our economy, we will create more time for doing the things we love, with the people we love, in the nature we love. It will mean working less and sharing more. Driving less and cycling more. Polluting less and planting more. A shift away from our consumer culture to re-invigorating community will mean we get to spend more time with our whānau gardening, cooking, learning, reading, sharing, laughing, dancing, and singing instead of spending hours on social media, or money on things we don’t need, for connection and validation. It will mean paying the people who work in low-carbon jobs such as caregiving, teaching, nursing, healing, and restoration generously instead of bankers, polluters and corporate billionaires extracting all the wealth from the rest of us and our Earth. In taking decisions we urge council members to consult with mana whenua of Ngāti Toa Rangatira at all times. We support the call of the National Māori Climate Network for urgent action. We can create a green and beautiful future however we just need to have the courage to take action, and we ask our representatives to show us the way. Porirua city can be be part of cities like Nelson, Kapiti and Auckland declaring climate emergencies however this can only be done through your voice. The rangatahi of Porirua are calling for the people who represent us to fight for the future because if they do not, we will not be able to live it. Porirua is our home and we need to protect it for generations to come. Sign this petition for our future, karawhiua e te iwi!! Read and sign 'An Open Letter from the Youth of Aotearoa' by School Strike 4 Climate NZ here: https://our.actionstation.org.nz/petitions/climate-declaration-from-the-youth-of-aotearoa-2
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  • Save the turtles
    Saving not only turtles but other sea animals aswell. It is so important because so many of them are dying because of the choices we make but we can fix that, we can help by using paper bags, other more reusable bags instead of plastic bags. When you go to the beach try and pick up as much rubbish as possible, instead of using those plastic straws you can buy metal straw that is cheap and you and use them over and over again. There are so many ways we can save all the sea animals little things makes big changes so let's make a start!
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  • End the Cruel Live Export Trade
    In New Zealand, we have standards for how we expect all animals to be treated. But when we export animals overseas, we expose them to unknown horrors. As animal lovers, we find the live export trade completely unacceptable. In 2018, New Zealand exported 2,820,320 farmed animals alive. Day-old chicks are taken to farms that cram chickens into small cages in a way that would be illegal in New Zealand. Cows are shipped while pregnant and are often taken to concrete factory farms to give birth, where they are kept for years to be milked. In 2003, New Zealand ended the live export of farmed animals for slaughter. However animals still regularly leave New Zealand’s boundaries and suffer many unknown fates. Once the animals are no longer commercially “useful” they are slaughtered. Most countries that New Zealand exports to do not require stunning prior to slaughter. This means that their throats are slit while they are still conscious. SIGN the petition asking our Government to prohibit the live export of farmed animals to countries that have lower animal welfare, transport and slaughter standards than New Zealand. READ about SAFE's call to end live export: http://bit.ly/LiveExportReview WATCH to learn about the animal welfare disaster in Sri Lanka: http://bit.ly/LiveExportVideo DONATE to help our petition grow: http://bit.ly/DonateLiveExport By signing this petition your information will be shared with SAFE who will get in contact from time to time about this campaign and others. You are free to opt out at anytime.
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  • End the use of the cruel Forced Swim Test NZ
    A cruel and scientifically flawed animal test called the “Forced Swim Test” is sadly being used in Aotearoa - there is currently no law in place to stop this horrific test from going ahead! The Forced Swim Test is used as a misguided attempt to mimic depression or hopelessness in humans. A small animal, usually a mouse or rat, is given an experimental treatment and is then placed into a beaker partially filled with water. Unable to escape, touch the bottom or hold on to anything, the animal will paddle desperately until they give up and float. The amount of time that the animal spends struggling versus floating is measured. The claim is that when animals spend more time floating, they are deemed to be more “depressed.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SEVznb6vsE This test has been conducted recently by researchers at Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Otago. When students were made aware that this test had been carried out at their institute, the reaction was overwhelmingly one of shock and disappointment. Not only is this test cruel but it has no relevance to human depression - there is no single sign or symptom of human depression modelled in the test. An analysis (https://bit.ly/2X5fVOU) conducted with data from four major pharmaceutical companies found that the Forced Swim Test was less predictive than chance at determining if a compound would have antidepressant efficacy in humans. In order to find real, effective treatments for human depression, addiction or any other human condition, human-relevant research methods should be used, i.e. mathematical or computer modelling of human systems, or drug-repurposing programmes. We are currently seeing a global shift away from this archaic test - AbbVie, Johnson and Johnson, DSM Nutritional Products, NutriFusion LLC and Astraea Therapeutics have all committed to not funding or conducting the Forced Swim Test. This shows that even the pharmaceutical industry is recognising this test as outdated and irrelevant. Now let's make sure NZ keep up! NZAVS and SAFE have joined forces to ask the NZ Government to not only ban the Forced Swim Test in NZ but to also conduct a full review and evaluation on the validity of all animal tests used for psychological tests in NZ. Help stop the cruel and invalid Forced Swim Test from hurting any more animals in New Zealand - sign the petition today. Read more here - nzavs.org.nz/forced-swim-test Donate to this cause here - nzavs.org.nz/fst-donate By signing this petition your information will be shared with NZAVS (nzavs.org.nz) and SAFE (safe.org.nz) who will get in contact from time to time about this campaign and others. You are free to opt out at any time.
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  • Ban Rodeo in New Zealand
    We're asking Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for an outright ban on rodeo in New Zealand. Rodeo is inherently cruel because it forces animals into stressful situations, risking their well-being purely for entertainment. Please send a message to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern encouraging her to ban rodeo completely. The NZ Animal Welfare Act calls for animals to be handled in a way that minimises the likelihood of unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress. Rodeo, by its very nature, contravenes the spirit of the law. The Rodeo Code of Welfare is simply a tool that allows cowboys to avoid prosecution for contravening the Act. Animals used in rodeo buck because they are forced to wear a flank strap, which is tied tightly around their hindquarters. This causes discomfort and irritation. The animals buck to get rid of it. Being forced to buck in an arena full of spectators is stressful and terrifying for rodeo animals. In calf roping events competing riders mounted on a horse are timed in their attempts to throw a loop of rope around the calf's neck before dragging it to a sudden halt, throwing it on the ground, before restraining the animal by tying its legs together. The interpretation of the current laws do not go far enough to protect animals in rodeo. Please send a message to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern encouraging her to ban rodeo completely. Image: Anti-Rodeo Action https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/government-look-use-electric-prodders-and-tail-twisting-rodeos-but-doesnt-want-ban https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/101294173/former-us-rodeo-rider-turned-activist-wants-calf-roping-banned-in-new-zealand http://safe.org.nz/calf-roping-cruelty https://rnzspca.org.nz/animal-welfare/campaigns
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