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To: Ministry for Primary Industries

Diversify farming towards plant-based agriculture

Diversify farming towards plant-based agriculture

For the good of our health, our economy, our waterways, our land use, our ecosystems, our biodiversity and to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions we are asking for government direction, funding and support to encourage animal-based farmers to future proof and diversify their farming and start to transition towards plant-based agriculture or rewilding their land for carbon sequestration.

Why is this important?

Supporting our farmers to diversify into cropping and horticulture is going to be good for everyone, as well as good for the planet. What is needed are financial incentives, retraining opportunities and help in finding the right crop to grow on the land.

Many of our businesses would love to be 100% Kiwi sourced, but due to being unable to buy the required plant proteins in enough quantity here in NZ, they are sourcing abroad. Kiwi farmers don't want to be left behind in the global market. The export potential for our horticulture products is huge too. We have everything to gain by transitioning to a plant-based economy.

According to an Otago University paper a wholefoods plant diet could bring carbon emissions savings of up to 42%, confer a population gain of up to 1.5 million quality-adjusted life-years, and save our health care system up to $20 billion.

The nation's health and wellbeing depend on our ability to be sustainable and self-sufficient, but our farmers can only do the right thing if they are supported to do so. Government funded think tanks could help an individual farmer choose the best crop(s) for their land, work out how much land can be used for horticultural purposes and help direct a timeline for transition.

Let's make this really easy.

Our Green Protein Report provides suggestions for how we can reduce emissions, detailed reasons why this needs to happen and the benefits to our society by doing so. Copies are available on request and a PDF is available for download here:

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