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To: New Plymouth District Council

Half Price Adoption Fees for Older Dogs

Dear New Plymouth Council,

The We Love Dogs Charitable Trust would like to propose that the New Plymouth District Council reduce the adoption fee for dogs aged eight years and older.

Why is this important?

Currently, the cost of adopting any dog from the pound is $260, which for a younger dog we do feel is appropriate but, to encourage and support members of the community to adopt older dogs, we think that a fee of $130.00 would be better suited. We want these older dogs to have a second chance at life in a new loving home, and by lowering the fee, we hope to achieve a better rehoming rate for these golden oldies. Lowering the cost to $130 won't have any direct impact on rates and will benefit the overall rehoming of older dogs and potentially lower euthanasia rates.

Dog lovers of New Plymouth, please help us get this change by signing this petition.

New Plymouth, New Zealand

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