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To: New Zealand House of Representatives

Demanding Action Against Animal Experimentation

Demanding Action Against Animal Experimentation

That the House of Representatives pass legislation that provides for scientific institutions to transition from animal-based methods to non-animal-based methods for research, testing and teaching purposes wherever possible.

Why is this important?

Every year in New Zealand, hundreds of thousands of animals suffer for research, testing, and teaching. This is typically for cruel and outdated practices, with animals providing a poor scientific model for humans.

Developments in human medicine, science and technology are all possible without the use of animals. From cell-cultured organoids and 3D printing to the use of human cells and sophisticated computer models, there are many scientific methods that can be used instead of cruel, outdated and unreliable animal experiments.

The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) is dedicated to moving society away from these cruel and outdated practices. Our Striking at the Source campaign goes to the fundamentals of the problem.

Striking at the Source will tackle funding issues, regulatory oversight, and openness so the public can see what is really happening to animals in labs and other hidden areas of science. It involves long-term thinking, making changes to the fundamental forces causing animals to suffer for research, testing, and teaching. In time, our aim is to upgrade our science to better, more effective methods that do not harm animals.

You can read more about the campaign here

You can learn more about how animals are used in science in NZ here:

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Reasons for signing

  • Unethical, immoral, outdated, unreliable practice of testing that we don't need to do. There are better ways.
  • "LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE IN PEACE" should be the motto!!! Animals? For? Experiment? Strictly against it!!
  • It is unfair to leave these innocent animals in pain for our benifits. experiments should be done on rapists and murderers not innocent creatures. stop this.


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