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To: Minister of Education Chris Hipkins

The Teaching Council must be reviewed

The Teaching Council must be reviewed

We the undersigned call for the Ministry of Education to review the Teaching Council.

A full review of the Teaching Council must address its functions, its responsibilities to teachers and its spending. The outcome of the review must guarantee the Council serves teachers' best interests.

Why is this important?

The purpose of the Teaching Council is to ensure safe and high-quality leadership, teaching and learning for children and young people in early childhood, primary and senior secondary schooling in English medium and Maori medium settings through raising the status of the profession.

Over 30,000 people called on the Teaching Council to review their decision to raise registration fees.[1]. Teachers who were unhappy with the decision and the communication from the Teaching Council include people who teach at early childhood, primary and secondary and include part-time and assistant teachers.

The petition was delivered to Lesley Hoskin and the Teaching Council on 10 June 2020. A resolution has not been achieved so we now seek action with the Minister of Education.

We believe the Teaching Council does not represent teachers' best interests.

Teachers have lost trust and confidence (as highlighted by the PPTA 95% vote of no confidence).[2] The Teaching Council's duties need to be independently examined to determine whether they support and work for teachers. The review should include a review of its expenses and the level of registration fees charged to teachers.

This is why we're calling on the Minister of Education Chris Hipkins to launch a review into the Teaching Council on behalf of the teaching sector. Sign now to join the call.

This petition is led by teachers.


1. Say no to doubling teacher registration fees, OurActionStation

2. Teachers vote no confidence in Teaching Council over fee increase, RNZ, June 2020

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Minister Chris Hipkins at Parliament.

Reasons for signing

  • Too many issues with Teachers Council empire building. Slow processing of applications as well. stick to core business only. Something needs to be done to stop the loss of highly competent and experienced teachers doing day or long time relieving who are attested to by Principals losing full practicing certificates. Totally insulting. Second category should be for those who have not had longterm consistent classroom experience in their overall careers.
  • The Labour government has had plenty of time to review the Teaching Council. I'm surprised and disappointed that they have not investigated a very unpopular change. No other professional body would get away with extending their remit and charging its members like they have.
  • Compulsory registration means a monopoly by the council. This allows them to dictate what they want


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