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To: The Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand | Matatū Aotearoa

Say no to doubling teacher registration fees

Say no to doubling teacher registration fees

Please put a stop to the rapid increase of teachers registration fees.

Why is this important?

Teachers need to be valued. Yet the proposed change increases fees from $220.80 over three years to $157 yearly which equates to $471, more than doubling current fees. This is outrageous.

Lumping teachers with a huge increase in costs does not reflect the amazing work they do and is completely unfair and unjustified. We question where the extra money will be spent and how it will benefit us teachers as individuals?

Many teachers spoke out in opposition of the fee increase yet have been ignored.

Photo: Ricky Wilson/Stuff

Reasons for signing

  • What do The Teachers Council really do except change their name and give teachers more paper work to do?
  • The pay increase is already small enough as it is, it’s not fair to then up these payments. 2 steps forward and 1 step back.
  • Concerned Increase the chance of a refusal of registration to yearly instead of 3 yearly. Also maybe don’t have trust yet in this organisation as was forced upon us by the National government in the past and pushed the government agenda rather than teachers. Also feel that the majority of the time I hear the punitive actions against teachers from this organisation rather than positive and supportive. They should be dinging the praises of education and teachers.


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