Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Stand Together for Social Work - Change the Registration Bill!
    Amy started the Stand Together for Social Work - Change the Registration Bill! campaign when new laws were drafted that would redefine who is or isn’t a social worker. She helped bring the social work community leaders together to draft an alternative to the bill. Social workers nationally emailed, called and visited their MPs with clear talking points. “The petition was noted by Ministers even before being presented so it clearly got attention and helped us get cut through,” says Amy. She is now “very hopeful. The bill is being redrafted with our communities supplementary order paper informing this. We are on the way to a good result.”
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    Created by Amy Ross Picture
  • Save NZ’s largest study of children and their families
    15 May 2018: It's been announced this morning that funding has been restored for the 'Growing Up in NZ Study', the biggest longitudinal study about growing up in NZ. Katie Tuck is a parent of one of the children on the study who led a community campaign on OurActionStation to restore the funding. She says: "This is fantastic news as this means that all study families will have the chance to participate, we will get to hear the voices of all the study children and the cohort is maintained. Thank you all for your support."
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    Created by Katie Tuck
  • Fair wages for Huckleberry workers
    We negotiated an increase on the morning of our strike. The company have committed to a Living Wage by May 2019.
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    Created by Stephen Parry
  • Launch an independent inquiry into the NZ SAS's involvement in civilian casualties in Afghanistan
    11 April 2018 - Inquiry announced! The volunteer Hit & Run Inquiry campaign team with the support of the ActionStation community ran a year-long campaign to give justice a chance. Read more:
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    Created by Hit & Run Inquiry campaign
  • Save Poroti Springs
    Campaigner Millan Ruka worked with ActionStation to stop the application for a water bottling factory at Poroti Spings. Your official submission was one of 856 that showed the Council and the applicant, Zodiac Holdings there was overwhelming opposition - Zodiac have this week withdrawn their application! Thank you for taking action, it really made a difference. Zodiac still have the rights to take water however - if you would like to be updated on future events and possible actions you can join the Save Poroti Springs Facebook page.
    1,563 Signatures
    Created by Millan Ruka Picture
  • Ask Countdown NZ: Ban The Bag
    Victory! In July, Countdown spokesperson was reported as saying ‘no’, they wouldn't stop using single-use plastic bags. This was despite their parent company, Woolworths Australia, having done so, and showing it’s possible. Today (4 Oct 2017) Countdown announced they've come round, and are starting a phase out of plastic bags to be completed by the end of the 2018. Nice one Countdown!
    589 Signatures
    Created by Tim Pate Picture
  • Support Healthy Housing in New Zealand
    We are excited to inform you that the Healthy Homes Guaruntee Bill has recently been passed in government. This is a positive step in the right direction, and was made possible because of the public support and attention this issue has recieved. By signing our petition, you have shown parliament that this is an important issue that requires attention. We hope to continue advocating for this incredibly important topic in the future, and are excited of the prospects that we can achieve when we unite and advocate for the important issues. Thank you so much for the support, Kind regards, The MSGA team 2017
    1,103 Signatures
    Created by MSGA New Zealand
  • Protect Timaru's Penguins
    We won! 'Power of the people prompts Timaru penguin protection turn around'
    1,387 Signatures
    Created by Kimberley Collins Picture
  • Fund GeoNet to provide 24/7 hazard monitoring
    In December 2016 the Government announced an increase in GeoNet's funding dedicated towards developing a monitoring centre
    1,967 Signatures
    Created by Rick Zwaan Picture
  • Choices for our Children - Whanau against Auckland Kindergarten Association changes
    In response to the campaign the Board of the Auckland Kindergarten Association halted the proposed changes and are appointing an independent reviewer to assess the 'Network review'. Our 50 parent committees were successful in their eight motions, and getting elected to the board at the recent AGM!
    2,245 Signatures
    Created by Marnie Wilton