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To: Wellington City Councillors and Mayor Justin Lester.

Outrage! Wellington Citizens Advice Bureau is under attack.

We are very pleased to be able to report back that Wellington City Council has now agreed to offer CAB Wellington a 3-year funding contract.

Outrage! Wellington Citizens Advice Bureau is under attack.

Sign and share this petition amongst friends, peers and family to stop funding cuts to the CAB. We the community, need to mobilise in support of our CAB to stop cuts that put the entire service at risk.

We ask that Wellington City Councillors and Mayor Justin Lester put an end to the threat of funding cuts and loss of premises for the Wellington CAB.

Why is this important?

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is under attack from none other than our local council representatives. The Wellington City Council is threatening to cut 85% of the funding from local CAB’s after seemingly minimal consultation. There is no justification for jeopardising an organisation that is so fundamental within our community.

The CAB Wellington offers free information services to anyone who needs it. Be it students, tenants, new migrants, employees, employers, bankers, pet-shop owners, people in relationships or hair dressers - support from the CAB's highly trained volunteers is ready and waiting.
The CAB is used by us, the service is delivered by local volunteers who care. If council really care about local community, why are they threatening such an important community service?

On June 14th local council are meeting to discuss CAB funding amongst other things. We need to show them that any cut in CAB funding is not acceptable and that we the people - stand behind the CAB - support them by signing the petition.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition signatures in person to the scheduled council meeting being held on June 14th.

Reasons for signing

  • Agree - shame on Wellington City Council - will they now employ people to advise - doubt it. CAB volunteers give tremendous service and can put clients in touch with just the right source to help with their problems. To say it doesn't help the 'needy' shows ignorance - need is at all levels of society.
  • In my job I recommend CAB all the time. This is something I would want my rates. Have a heart Wellington City Council
  • An absolutely vital service for people who have no other options or ideas about how to help themselves or others! WCC shame on you!


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Petition is successful with 263 signatures

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Check out this great One News segment - highlighting the pivotal role the CAB has played in the lives of people who use the service - and why what the council is doing...just does not make sense!

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100 signatures reached

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Yesterday this excellent article was published on why the CAB is such an important service ... "

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