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To: Mayor Wayne Brown & all Auckland councillors

Save Auckland CABs!

Citizens Advice Bureau

Don’t cut funding from Auckland CABs! Citizens Advice Bureau provides critical services to communities across Tāmaki Makaurau and its services are needed now, more than ever.

Why is this important?

The service provided by Auckland CABs is absolutely essential – something that is even more apparent in times of crisis. With the recent floods and the ongoing challenges of daily life, Auckland CABs are helping people with information and advice and connecting them with the support they need. Last year our dedicated volunteers in Auckland CABs helped more than 160,000 people. Auckland Council is proposing to significantly cut or even remove all funding from CABs in Auckland in its budget for 2023/24. This could result in the complete closure of the CAB service, which has been serving Tāmaki Makaurau for over 50 years.

Let Auckland Council know that they should not cut funding to Auckland CABs.

Auckland, New Zealand

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Join Auckland Citizens Advice Bureau staff and volunteers, PSA members, and friends on Tuesday 28 March to show Auckland Council the strong public support for continued Council funding for the CAB. Event details

2023-03-16 15:38:16 +1300

Thank you for signing the petition. You now have the chance to help save Auckland CABs by making a submission to Auckland Council on its draft 2023/2024 Budget. You have until 11pm Tuesday 28 March to get your submission in.
✅ Make your submission by filling in the feedback form at:
Or pick up a paper copy from your local library, Auckland Council Service Centre, or CAB.
We have produced a simple guide to help you fill out the form. You can find it here
Tell Auckland Council why you value the Citizens Advice Bureau service and why they need to keep funding Auckland CABs!

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