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To: Chris Hipkins, Minister for Covid 19 Response

Protect Northland from Covid Now!

Our hope is for our local community to be protected from Covid. Right now, Northland is at risk of Covid rapidly expanding in our area which would be devastating for our local people. We have low vaccination rates and high risk due to co-morbidities in the region.

Thankfully, the Northland Iwi Border Patrol have shown leadership by looking after our community when we need it the most. They are volunteering their own time to take care of others by slowing the spread of Covid into our vulnerable communities. But they need more support now to continue this work.

We, the undersigned, ask Chris Hipkins, Minister for Covid 19 Response to help our local community by:

Empowering the Northland Iwi Border Patrol with resourcing and authority to protect our vulnerable and marginalised communities so they can effectively help prevent the further spread of the Covid pandemic into our region.

Specifically we ask for temporary lawful authority for the Northland Iwi Border Patrol to immediately:

(1) Be able to question and if necessary, stop vehicles from crossing the border
(2) Be provided with financial resources to help the iwi look after our community through the patrol
(3) Be provided with logistical support to keep the patrol in place

Why is this important?

We care about our community. We want everyone to survive Covid. Border patrols help to slow the spread of the Delta variant, and give time for us to increase our vaccinations rates so we can be as protected as possible.

Reference: Iwi-led border controls back in Northland as region enters alert level 3

How it will be delivered

More information to come.


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