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To: The Commissioner of Police, Andrew Coster

Police bias at Pūtiki Bay marina development

Protect Pūtiki call on the Commissioner of Police Andrew Coster to initiate an inquiry into the police operation at Kennedy wharf, Pūtiki Bay on Thursday 15th July and the ongoing/increasing police presence at Pūtiki.

Why is this important?

On Thursday the 15th July the police deployed 6 Police Boats, 4 Paddy wagons, a helicopter, 2 drones, Police Media, diving squad & dog, and an estimated 4 police units (up to 100 police) all to arrest four peaceful protestors from Protect Pūtiki for 'wilful trespass', two of whom are Ngāti Paoa and whakapapa to the island, who were occupying the pontoon at the time. It remains un-clear who ordered the operation and why it was considered necessary to deploy such excessive police force.

Maori wardens had been on site for at least a week and it is understood they had no forewarning of this operation.

Protect Pūtiki and the wider community of Aotearoa demand an examination into why Police are continuing to uphold the corporate interests of this particular development, Kennedy Point Boat Harbour Ltd.

At present, the Police have shown a commitment to empowering the KPBH Ltd. marina development with a continued daily basis, on-site presence. Police have facilitated the developers in forcibly delivering peaceful protestors in the Moana to the police boat where they are then arrested.

We demand Commissioner Andrew Coster initiate an inquiry into the increased police presence immediately.

Over the last month, when requests for assistance are made by protectors to police these calls often go unanswered, including in situations where no police have been present on site and protectors have sought their presence to provide for safety of all involved.

Local police have chosen to not engage in order to maintain their community relationships but as a result their absence has left protectors without support when needed.

Overall, the police presence has largely resulted in escalation of the situation rather than to de-escalation.

There has been close to 80 complaints laid with the police department from both protectors and developers, largely regarding assaults and trespassing but to date only the protectors have been charged and appeared in court.

We believe a formal apology from New Zealand Police addressed to the kaitiaki/protectors of the Pūtiki occupation is a reasonable demand that should accompany this inquiry.

If the police presence is to be maintained at Putiki then as a bottom line they must uphold their own code of conduct which includes impartiality and ensuring safety of all participants - not purely to trespass or arrest kaitiaki/protectors and enable further development.

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In person delivery to the central Auckland Police Station

Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

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