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To: Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister) and Kris Faafoi (Minister for Justice, Immigration, Broadcasting and Media)

Asylum 4 Assange in Aotearoa

We ask the New Zealand Government, Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister), and Kris Faafoi (Minister for Justice, Immigration, Broadcasting and Media) to take a global lead for transparent democracy (he kawanatanga-ā-iwi) by declaring that New Zealand would ensure protection for Julian Assange against extradition for publishing evidence of war crimes and human rights violations in the public interest. We ask that you offer Julian Assange and his family asylum in Aotearoa.

Why is this important?

Assange's detention and the charges against him threaten press freedom around the world, and therefore threaten our right to know what is going on and democracy itself. We must call out this injustice and offer protection to Assange. Doing so will have New Zealand be a leader on the global stage for press freedom, peace and transparent democracy.

Reasons for signing

  • If JA wants this I'm fine with it.
  • New Zealand : The world's 'least corrupt' state should be actively inviting the worlds' most effective transparency activist. Democracy was never given to us. We took it from them . Now they are taking it back. Transparency and accountability are the preconditional in the social contract with those whom we allow the privilege of being entrusted with power. They have lost their credibility on this one.


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Julian's 50th Birthday Celebration and Asylum Petition Launch

When: Saturday July 3rd, 12pm
Where: Aotea Square, Tamaki Makaurau

We will have a cake, balloons, speeches and launch the petition for #Asylum4Assange in Aotearoa!

Come along and support!