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To: Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford and the Victoria University of Wellington Senior Leadership Team.

5-Point Grade Bump for VUW Students

VUWSA, on behalf of the students of Te Herenga Waka- Victoria University of Wellington, call upon Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford and the Senior Leadership Team to enact a universal 5-point grade increase for all students.

In addition to this grade bump, we advocate for consistent protection and improvement of the current academic measures put in place by the University. This includes ensuring consistent enactment and application of the two-week automatic extensions and reduced workload.

We ask Victoria University of Wellington to recognise the importance of clear and concise communication to their students around this issue and actively engage with the frustrations and concerns of their student body.

Why is this important?

The impacts of COVID-19 on student health, wellbeing and academic success have been wide and varied. Many of us have lost our jobs, had our lives drastically changed, or had our mental health severely impacted as a result of greater financial uncertainty and academic pressure. We have been expected to work and thrive in conditions that are not conducive to academic success. We believe for the sake of student wellbeing, equity, and compassion, the University needs to listen to the voice of the student body and implement these changes for Trimester 1.

We ask the University to consider the impact on equity between Victoria students and those of other Universities. A lack of parity between ourselves and Universities such as Otago and Auckland will impact our graduates who are seeking employment in a post-COVID world. In addition, graduates seeking to pursue further education at another University will also struggle, and their chances of receiving financial aid will suffer.

VUWSA believes that a grade bump would ensure that VUW students are on equal footing with other universities who have adopted this measure. If this grade increase, alongside other equity measures – such as reduction of course workload, and 2-week extensions on assignments – are comprehensively implemented, VUW students can be assured that their academic success, as well as their health and wellbeing, are at the forefront of the university’s mind.

VUWSA, alongside other student representatives, have been advocating through our internal avenues for these measures to be put in place. In many of these meetings we have been part of a small minority of students, often being ignored or shut down regarding this issue. The recent uproar of student voices around this issue have demonstrated the need for greater academic support and communication for those studying at Victoria University of Wellington.

For the sake of our wellbeing, equity, and compassion, we call on the University to listen to, and act upon, the concerns of their student body.

For more information check out VUWSA’s socials https://facebook/vuwsa or email [email protected].
Wellington, New Zealand

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