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To: Island Bay School

Save the Wellington Music Centre

Save the Wellington Music Centre

We ask you to cancel plans to close the Saturday morning music programme which has provided affordable music lessons for Wellington children for over 60 years.

Why is this important?

Saturday morning music has been a New Zealand institution since 1957. It provides an opportunity for kids from all sorts of backgrounds, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford lessons, a chance to learn an instrument and to develop into life long musicians.

Wellington Music Centre is funded through the Ministry of Education’s out of hours programme, providing lessons and affordable instrument hire to any child up to high school, in Wellington.

Closing the Centre will prevent kids from discovering their musical passion and make the Wellington music scene less diverse and inclusive.

Island Bay School must make efforts to find another solution to any problem it has hosting the Centre. One that continues the long lasting positive impact on kids in Wellington, the cultural capital.

We ask the School to keep it open and work with the Education Ministry, the community and other experts on ways to manage their administration problems. The solution needs to allow the children of Wellington access to affordable lessons.

Wellington, New Zealand

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