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To: Minister of Education Chris Hipkins

Restore the postgraduate student allowance now

Restore the postgraduate student allowance now

Dear Minister Hipkins,

In the 2017 general election, your party committed to restoring student allowance eligibility for postgraduates. We're calling on you to keep your promise and urgently restore the allowance in your Government's upcoming budget announcement in May.

The Students of Aotearoa New Zealand

Why is this important?

In 2013, the previous Government scrapped postgraduate allowances. Last year, Labour pledged to bring them back. Now, we're looking for a start date!

Restoring the postgraduate allowance isn't just good for students, it's good for the country. Across Aotearoa, postgraduate students are studying in fields that are crucial to our country's future success - clinical psychology, teaching and learning, and environmental studies to name a few.

The current Government is committed to important national issues such as addressing the mental health crisis, uplifting the teaching profession and tackling climate change. In order for this work to succeed, we urgently need to be empowering and supporting our people to gain skills in these areas. A postgraduate student allowance is an easy first step towards making this a reality.

Supporting postgraduate success is supporting our country's success. We're calling on the Government to restore the postgraduate student allowance now!

No post-grad allowances for first semester, no set start date

Reasons for signing

  • It’s not appealing to exceed beyond a bachelors if you have to complete postgrad study in financial hardship. We are the students researching to better our communities/nation, why wouldn’t you want to fund these opportunities? Instead your giving free study for first years, only to watch them all pull out by second year.
  • Postgraduate study is often an essential element of a path toward a successful career in many important disciplines. It is full-time and incredibly demanding program with little time think about working enough to sustain rent, food, and other financial obligations. Not everyone has the luxury of parental assistance through to this stage.
  • The greatest part about continuing study for me, asides from delving even further into Geology was the fact I was turning 24 and would have been eligible for the student allowance. Although I didn’t realise enrolling in a higher level of degree would exempt me from government support. Having financial aid at this end of my studies is far incredibly significant. Having the allowance would mean I wouldn’t need to work multiple part time jobs. Very, very strange if you ask me.


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