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To: Hutt City Council

Huarahi Māori o Te Awakairangi

Huarahi Māori o Te Awakairangi

This is a petition to the Hutt City Council to change the street naming policy on two points:

1. By 2025 50% of street names should be in Te Reo Māori.

2. To replace five colonial street names, to names of Māori leaders.
The street names for change are: Wakefield, Elizabeth, Victoria, High & Hastings.

Why is this important?

Huarahi Māori o Te Awakairangi is a social action campaign started by six Year 13 students at Wainuiomata High School. We strongly believe that colonial street names are controversial and not reflective of our communities.

We have conducted some research and found that less than 22% of the street names in Te Awakairangi are Māori.

With the support of our community, we want to have meaningful street names which reflect our culture. We must keep our culture alive and not celebrate those who have stripped that from Māori.

For example, the two Wakefield brothers ended up in prison for three years for abducting a 15 year old girl. Here in Aotearoa William Wakefield manipulated the lands out of Māori hands and condoned and promoted colonisation of our country. That name does not deserve to be represented on our whenua.

"...These are the names
we say everyday
with ease
while ancient names,
names with stories,
and genealogies
tied to this place
get erased,
and sometimes
butchered beyond recognition..."

-Dr Emalani Case (from 'Lost in Wellington')

We aim to bring change through our values of manaakitanga and peace. Please sign our petition and help us make this change.

How it will be delivered

We plan to make an appointment with the Hutt City Council and Taranaki Whānui to discuss this kaupapa and deliver our petition.

Hutt Road, Wellington, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • These young people are exactly right. Our streets and place names need to reflect the best of us, and our Tangata Whenua.


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