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To: The Minister of Corrections

Give the Waikeria Uprising protesters food and water

According to media reports, the people protesting conditions at Waikeria Prison are not being given food or water.

In one report, negotiators claimed they were trying to "starve out" the protesters. In another, a prisoner claimed that he was desperately trying to get water remnants from an old hose pipe.

We believe all people deserve the right to food and water. We call on the Minister of Corrections, Kelvin Davis, to intervene and make sure these people get food and water.

Why is this important?

The way the Department of Corrections is currently handling the Waikeria Uprising breaches the human rights of these protesters.

As human beings, the protesters deserve food and water. Currently, Corrections is denying them this and won't allow anyone in to deliver these basic needs.

It would be an important sign of good faith to the protesters if they are granted this basic human right.

Is New Zealand a country that starves people who are protesting for basic human rights?


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