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To: Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister Parliament Buildings Wellington

End workplace exploitation and abuse

UTU for Workers Union

Sign our letter to the Prime Minister.

Kia Ora Jacinda,

Please help us stop exploitation.

We help victims of exploitation and workplace bullying.

When reluctant victims stand up, the lengthy delays and high legal costs prevent them getting justice. This allows abusers to pay a fraction of what they owe and get name suppression. They are then free to prey on new victims.

This has caused an explosion of NZ workplace exploitation and bullying.

These three law changes will stop it immediately.

1. Employers deliberately exploiting workers get sent to the criminal courts. If exploiters know they may go to prison, they will stop.

2. If a business is closed or sold to avoid justice, the individual exploiter must pay their victim any money owed.

3. Cases under $20,000 get decided in a month and compensation is paid within 14 days. More severe cases get decided within 3 months. Victims are currently waiting for over a year just to get a date for their case.

With your help we will get real justice for victims.

Sincerely yours,

UTU for Workers Team.

Why is this important?

We want to convince the prime minister to change employment laws so victims can get prompt and fair justice. Only then will workplace exploitation and bullying stop.

🔥 Who are we? 🔥

UTU for Workers Union is a volunteer organisation campaigning to stop workplace exploitation and abuse.

We provide representation to workers in non-unionised workplaces with employment problems.

We are registered as One Union. We are an incorporated society and registered trade union. From May 2021 we will legally be renamed UTU for Workers Union.




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