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To: Minister Chris Hipkins, The Ministry of Education and Parliament.

End Systemic Racism in New Zealand Schools

The kaupapa of this petition is healing and justice. We are asking that the following conditions be met so children no longer suffer racial abuse during their education.

1. An immediate government inquiry into racism in the New Zealand education system. The scope of this inquiry should include but not be limited to The Ministry of Education, The Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, and individual schools.

2. Victim orientated reconciliation hui facilitated by The Ministry of Education are to be held across all regions of the country. At least one executive officer of The Ministry of Education and a senior member from all public schools in the region are to be present. These hui will be a place for victims of racial abuse and teachers to speak about racism within the New Zealand education system. These hui are to be adequately advertised to the public and conducted before December 31st 2021.

3. A substantial acknowledgement of accountability from The Ministry of Education, detailing how they have been responsible for perpetuating racism in the New Zealand education system and the adverse effect this racial violence has had on countless New Zealand children.

4. An offical apology to all victims of racial abuse in the New Zealand education system on behalf of The Crown and The Ministry of Education to be read by the Minister of Education in parliament.

5. Comprehensive Te Tiriti/colonisation/anti-racism training as a prerequisite to a teaching certificate. Furthermore, all current teachers should have had this training by the December 31st 2022.

Why is this important?

The education system's purpose should be to nurture and support children, unfortunately this is not the case. Not all children are treated equally in our current system. Countless children have experienced racial abuse in the New Zealand education system, this disturbing problem has persisted for decades with little to no improvement. The effects of racial abuse on children has been well documented in academic literature. The Ministry of Education has been negligent in their response to the problem and have failed to protect vulnerable children from racial abuse.

Testimonies of racial abuse victims will be included with this petition. Testimonies of racial abuse can be emailed to [email protected] or @ngati_frybread on Instagram.

If you sign this petition please also consider to writing your local MP with your thoughts on this kaupapa.

We can make change, ngā mihi!
New Zealand

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