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To: Minister Andrew Little

Deny Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull Re-Entry Into Aotearoa

Trans Liberation Alliance (TLA) and the undersigned are calling on you to deny the visa of Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (a.k.a Posie Parker), who has stated her intent to return to Aotearoa in order to attend the trial of Eli Rubashkyn this month. Immigration New Zealand have already confirmed that she has been granted a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority.

Why is this important?

This request is rooted not only in the impact of her visit in March this year, but also her extensive history of hateful speech and incitement of violence. Her return to Aotearoa would pose a significant threat and risk to public order and the public interest - this holds especially true for our takatāpui, transgender and gender diverse communities.

Disinformation Project Researcher Dr Sanjana Hattouwa reported that after Keen’s visit to New Zealand, the amount of vitriol towards the trans community was “to a degree we’ve never studied before ” with “extraordinarily violent” content towards trans people being distributed widely. He described the level of hate towards trans people as “genocidal”.

Outside of Aotearoa, Keen-Minshull’s public statements and actions have included:

- Threatening that transgender people, gender diverse people, “and anyone else who stands in [her] way” will be “annihilated”
- Stating trans men should be sterilised
- Calling for men to carry guns to patrol women’s bathrooms against the imagined threat of trans women
- Encouraging violent outbreaks at her tours in the UK and US, with her supporters allegedly assaulting counter protestors and inflicting violence on trans people
- Organising rallies attended by members of the Proud Boys - a designated terrorist group in Aotearoa
- Being excluded by other groups and members of her own anti trans circles because of her racism, Islamophobia and aforementioned ties to far-right white nationalism.*

As the Minister for Immigration, Mr. Little, you have the right under s.16 of the immigration act 2009 to deny a visa, entry permission or entry waiver to a person likely to be a threat or risk to public order or to the public interest.

The threshold for both appears to be low, considering that it was the same section used to bar the rap group Odd Future from Aotearoa in 2014.

At the time, Immigration New Zealand said in a statement that their rationale for the ban under s.16 included "incidents at past performances in which they have cited violence."

In an email dated 12 February 2014, obtained by Stuff as part of the OIA, Immigration NZ wrote:
"[Odd Future] clearly has a history of promoting and inciting hatred…were they permitted to travel to New Zealand and perform I believe on the basis of their track record thus far, they are likely to incite violence towards women, racial, sexist and homophobic disharmony in New Zealand".

Keen-Minshull is a person who causes demonstrable risk of harm to our public. Who employs hate speech and calls for violence against some of Aotearoa’s most vulnerable citizens. Whose public events have already caused disruption to public order here and overseas. TLA believes this justifies you, Minster Little, in exercising your powers under s.16 of the Act to deny her entry to Aotearoa, and for the safety of our trans citizens and the general public interest, we call on you to do so.

Yours sincerely,
Trans Liberation Alliance

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