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To: Minister for Consumer Affairs, and Banking Ombudsman

We demand a public inquiry into banks

We demand a public inquiry into banks

Shocking revelations of misconduct by Australian banks are being revealed by an inquiry across the Tasman. The predatory practices being encouraged by the bosses of the big banks who own many of New Zealand's banks.

It’s time we had a public inquiry into the conduct of banks here.

Why is this important?

Right now, in Australia, an inquiry into banks and financial insitutitions is uncovering shocking misconduct.

“ANZ's financial planners were found to have forged signatures, impersonated customers, fraudulently used power of attorney, falsely witnessed of documents and transferred customer's funds to advisers' personal accounts. AMP was found to have falsely charged customers for service it didn't provide, and then lied to the regulator and customers repeatedly about it.” - Newsroom

Pressure is mounting behind the scenes, for us to have trust in our banks there must be a public, transparent inquiry. Secret meetings of men in suits isn’t going to fix this.

Will you sign the petition calling for a public inquiry into NZ Banks?

Now’s the optimal time to call for an inquiry. The story has been on RNZ’s Morning Report - one of the most listened to news sources - everyday this week. Media attention is powerful, but our collective voices can tip this over the line.

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2. The royal commission changed this week - from awful and dumb to utterly shocking, ABC, 21 April 2018
3. Q+A: Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr, Q+A, 22 April 2018.
4. Kiwi banks told: Prove you're not dodgy too, Stuff, 25 April 2018.

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  • It’s an Aussie gift tax. Wake up. Go kiwi..


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