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To: Todd McClay, Minister of Trade

The TPPA is dead - keep it that way!

This campaign has ended.

The TPPA is dead - keep it that way!

Dear Minister,

The TPPA was a bad deal for New Zealand. Fortunately, the agreement is now dead.

We are concerned, however, with the news that you plan to begin discussions towards reviving the TPPA with 10 of the other 11 TPPA countries at a ministerial meeting in Chile on 14-15 March 2017.

Opinion polls consistently showed that a majority of the New Zealand public was against the TPPA. The deal didn't make sense when the US was involved. It makes even less sense since the US has walked away. We have nothing to gain by trading away our sovereignty.

We don't want a zombie TPPA. We urge you to stay away from the upcoming meeting in Chile. If you do go, we want you to tell the other ministers that New Zealand will not participate in a revived TPPA, and that you are going to put the needs of the public and the environment first in all future negotiations

Why is this important?

Last year the National-led government committed New Zealand to a toxic international trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

If the deal had gone ahead it would have seriously undermined our government's ability to look after our interests and those of the natural environment, now and in the future.

New Zealanders from all walks of life stood up against the TPPA, and participated in the biggest public protests in a decade on the day it was signed.

The TPPA fell apart when the United States withdrew in the face of strong public pressure, built off the back of years of activism and resistance.

The government is refusing to accept it has been beaten on the TPPA. All the countries, aside from the US, are due to meet in Chile on 14-15 March 2017 to talk about how to bring the TPPA back to life.

It is important that we stop this process now. Tell Trade Minister Todd McClay that we, as New Zealanders, want to choose for ourselves the rules that govern our future, and that we will resist a zombie TPPA in the ballot boxes and in the street.

Reasons for signing

  • Concerned about loss of national sovereignty. Didn't agree to it and feel it is being pushed thru.
  • IT IS NO GOOD FOR ANYBODY BUT THE 1 % so called elite,who have been controlling and DESTROYING THIS PLANET and ALL ITS INHABITANTS.
  • We should be supporting New Zealanders and and encouraging more/new businesses here in our own country. The more that happens the more we will see as a country become enriched with our own resources and not have landfills full of overseas rubbish that needs replacing soon after you purchase it. All this disposable economy is just insane.


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