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To: Ministers for Corrections and Police

Get Serco out of New Zealand prisons

Get Serco out of New Zealand prisons

In 2016, 4619 ActionStation members helped get Serco out of the horrendously mismanaged Mt Eden Prison.

But Serco still operates one prison in New Zealand, and it’s one of our worst.

Time and time again, Serco has proven themselves to be an unfit, profit-hungry private operator leaving New Zealand worse off.

It's time to terminate Serco's contract to run South Auckland Prison and get them out of New Zealand prisons once and for all.

Why is this important?

Privately owned, profit-driven prisons like Serco's are not only expensive and inefficient, they’re leaving us all worse off.

They are designed primarily to make money, not to rehabilitate offenders. This can mean inmates leave prison more likely to re-offend, meaning more crime and more prisoners in the long run.

Only 18 months old, the only Serco run prison had already recorded some of the worst levels of assaults, positive drug tests and justified complaints by inmates.

It's time to drop the profit-driven New Zealand prison experiment for good.

New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • How we treat prisoners reflects on our humanity and on their likely behaviour when they're released. Prisons should be humanely run. If Serco can't be removed at the least they should be supervised and independent inspectors and visitors given access to the prison and the inmates.
  • I signed because, I know the inmates are not getting heard, they are understaffed nearly everyday. canteen is bloody expensive, and they profit from the phone calls
  • the mismanagement of SERCO has to be seen to be believed.. The only good thing is the food and phones in some rooms.


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