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To: Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi

Sign: Kindness for temp workers

We are calling for a pathway for residency for non-citizens who are working on temporary work contracts.

Why is this important?

Temporary workers in this country are working in every essential industry such as food, healthcare, transport and many more. We are being used for the needs of industry, and the essential services of Aotearoa, yet then thrown away.

The recent fast tracking of residency for migrants working in Aotearoa stuck in limbo is welcome.

Yet there are more temp workers who are migrants compared to migrants in permanent work. We take on temporary work in a hope that we will have a chance to take a permanent position one day, yet without any guarantee. This work is a hope for a secure future where we can look after ourselves and our families.

Temps do not have a contract as a permanent staff, but we do all the same work on casual contracts.

For example, I've been working in a role for a large New Zealand company for the past 5 months, for 40 hours per week. I was promised to be given a permanent role in 3 months. If I got a permanent role, I would be eligible for the new resident visa. When I contacted my recruitment agency, they said that I don’t have a contract which has a 'job description'. It shows that I’m on a casual contract.

I am hearing stories from lots of temp workers who are in great distress. Recruitment agencies and companies are not on our side.

The new migrant parthway to residency helps so many people. Yet when we introduce an ambitious policy like this, which brings change, it needs to consider everyone at the edge of society.

The government’s attention towards the temp workers will bring hope for all of us, that we're not left behind.

Sign to support pathways to residency for temporary workers too.


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