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Tell the SPCA to take Metro Paws to Court for Animal Cruelty

Tell the SPCA to take Metro Paws to Court for Animal Cruelty

Re-open the investigation into Metro Paws and take them to Court for Animal Cruelty.

Why is this important?

Metro Paws Doggy Daycare has now been the subject of two separate SPCA investigations after more than 13 ex-staff members have reported witnessing animal abuse and more than 13 customers have alleged that their dogs have been severely injured at Metro Paws. Neither of these investigations have resulted in the SPCA taking Metro Paws to Court.

The SPCA says it's because they don't have enough evidence and there's not enough public interest in the case.

We believe that with so many direct eyewitnesses to abuse and with customers providing x-rays and veterinary records of their dog's injuries that match up with the stories that ex-staff are coming forward with, there is more then enough evidence to take them to Court. Several ex-staff members and customers say they have contacted the SPCA with these stories, only to have them close the case without even returning their calls. One person even claimed that when they tried to give information to help with the investigation, they were told that the SPCA didn't need any more information because they already had enough for the case.

We want the SPCA to re-open their investigation into Metro Paws and to take them Court for these alleged animal welfare violations. We understand that the SPCA is an under-funded charity that does the best they can with the limited resources they have, which is why we also support SAFE's campaign asking the Government to establish a fully-funded Commissioner for Animals.

Ultimately it should be the Government's responsibility to investigate and prosecute animal abuse instead of relying on charities to do it. The blame here doesn't lie with the SPCA, but with the severe lack of resources the Government puts into investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty cases.

But until the Government steps up and establishes a fully-funded Commissioner for Animals, asking the SPCA to re-open the investigation into Metro Paws and to take them to Court is our best hope for getting justice for the dogs who have suffered at the hands of Metro Paws.

Hamilton, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • I strongly agree to Never believe that animals suffer less than humans Life is life - whether in a cat, dog or human we are all equal
  • This care group is still operating and abusing animals as we speak, it's disgusting
  • No animal should be treated that way


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