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To: Te Arawa Lakes Trust

Fight for Te Rotorua nui a Kahumatamomoe (Lake Rotorua)

Fight for Te Rotorua nui a Kahumatamomoe (Lake Rotorua)

We urge Te Arawa Lakes Trust, as the owner of the bed of Te Rotorua nui a Kahumatamomoe (Lake Rotorua), to do everything it can to stop Rotorua Lakes Council from discharging 20 million litres of treated sewage into the lake everyday for the next 30 years, by:

1. Taking legal action to stop the discharge (this includes filing an appeal if the Environment Court approves the discharge and if the appeal does not work then exercising their rights in the High Court)

2. Push for a new law so Lake Rotorua is given the same rights as a person

Note: TALT has written a submission opposing the discharge, however, it has now engaged a Māori environmental management expert from Ngāti Tuwharetoa to encourage hapū around the lake, who are opposed to the discharge, to develop mitigation plans before this matter is heard by the Environment Court, which is likely to be in 2020. We believe it is way too early to start mitigating and compromising and that TALT must first exhaust all other options (High Court litigation and new legislation).

Why is this important?

* Lake Rotorua is a taonga as are all the waterways connected to it #TAONGAnotTOILET
* Many communities and families still source food from the lake
* Serious contaminants will still exist in the treated sewage when it is discharged into the stream that flows into the lake
* No lake in Rotorua will be safe if this discharge happens
* We must leave a legacy of clean water and air for our mokopuna, Rotorua and Aotearoa
* Getting the lake the same legal recognition as a person, will make it more difficult for groups to purposely pollute and disrespect it

Te Arawa Lakes Trust says no to treated wastewater in Lake Rotorua, NZ Herald, 4 Dec 2018

Rotorua, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • we don't want to go backwards to a previous time this was happening. there has to be a better way that protects our taonga for the future
  • Because some day in the near future my moko will ask me “Did you look after it for us?” And I want to say “Yes”
  • Its well past time the Rotorua Council grew up? and planned for a sustainable future...Stop using our lakes as a SEPTIC TANK!


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