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To: Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education

Reinstate the Postgraduate Student Allowance for 2019

Dear Minister, please reinstate the Postgraduate Student Allowance for 2019 as you promised in the 2017 election.

Why is this important?

Labour made a promise they will reinstate the Postgraduate Student Allowances which the National Government removed in 2013.

However they have not set a date and in the meantime students planning to continue or enter postgraduate study are left in limbo.

At the present time a student is only eligible if they are doing a Bachelor degree with Honours.

No postgraduate students (4th year students who want to further their studies) are able to get a Postgraduate Student Allowance.

This impacts most on students who can’t rely on financial support from their families and means they graduate in much higher debt, creating stress when entering the workforce.

These students are our future scientists, doctors and business leaders.

Most will already have debt from their undergraduate studies and should not be discouraged from finishing further study in their chosen field

New Zealand should not limit the ability of individuals from all backgrounds to reach their potential.

Ask Labour to keep its promise and reinstate the Postgraduate Student Allowance so our young women and men can reach their full potential!


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