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To: The Prime Minister

Stop the Cornwall Park Trust Board forcing families from their homes, and seizing their assets

Please encourage the Cornwall Park Trust Board to be fair to Leaseholders

1. stop forcing families from their homes
2. charge fair market ground rent
3. pay market valuation for homes

Why is this important?

Resident leaseholders of Cornwall Park Trust properties are being forced to pay rents way above market rates, or be evicted with little or no compensation. The Trust Board has repossessed more than 20 homes, forcing families to leave with nothing.

The effect on leaseholders’ lives has been tragic - with bankruptcies, marriage breakups and mental health issues as families lose their homes to the Trust.

Families are facing new rents of an average of $170,000 per year or be evicted with little or no compensation from the homes they bought, often with big debts still owing. To persuade leaseholders to re-sign for 21 years, the Board has offered a 7-year 'discount' to $103,000 - still far above the market rent of $45,000. Leaseholders will still be forced to leave.

The remaining leaseholders will also be evicted unless the Trustees update the lease as the other Trusts have done.

These kinds of 'Glasgow' leases were fair and quite common in the 1920’s but have been banned in Scotland and the UK due to the inequity and social harm they cause.

In 1993 the Justice Minister, Doug Graham’s Ministerial 'Lusk Inquiry' recommended that unless the Trusts make changes, legislation may be required. In response, these Trusts updated their leases. Cornwall Park escaped the enquiry and retained the 1920's lease.

In response, the Trusts updated their leases to:

1. stop forcing families from their homes with nothing;
2. stop charging higher than market rents;
3. provide market compensation if they leave.
4. offered the option to buy their homes at a fair price

The Cornwall Park Trust was not included and to this day refuses to update the leases despite many, many appeals from desperate leaseholders.

The only solution left is for the government to intervene as they did in 1992, and to legislate to force the Trustees to come into line with the other Trusts.

The current unelected Trustees are Adrienne Young-Cooper, Keith Smith, John Duncan and Alastair Carruthers.

We ask the Prime Minister to intervene immediately to prevent the Trustees from causing further social harm.

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Other links to media

Ministerial enquiry into certain perpetually renewable leases in Auckland, 1992, Anthony A. Lusk, QC:
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Auckland, New Zealand

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2017-11-26 18:11:33 +1300

Recently in the Herald, the Cornwall Park Trust Board said a "vocal campaign by a small group of leaseholders" has had a bad effect and it is disappointed at the damage they are doing.
• This belief is totally incorrect. The 90 remaining families are members of the Cornwall Park Leaseholders’ Association Incorporated. The leaseholders have signed the petition and voted unanimously in favour of it at the Leaseholders’ AGM on Sunday 26/11/17 at Cornwall Park School.
Real change happens when everyday people like you and I take a stand for what we believe in.
Thank you for standing with me on this issue.

2017-11-26 18:10:57 +1300

Today leaseholders voted unanimously in support of the petition at the Cornwall Park Leaseholders Association Inc. AGM! See below for an update, but in the meantime, posting something on facebook or twitter will only take a second, but will mean that hundreds of people see the petition and can join our cause.
Why not also tell your friends why you decided to sign the petition and why it's important to you – people are more likely to offer their support if they understand why the people they are close to support it too!

2017-11-26 18:10:29 +1300

In the NZ Herald recently, trust board chairman John McConnell said the rents were fair and equitable and he was unaware of empty properties.
• The Board has forced 17 families from their homes1 (see addresses below)
• There will be 90 more because the lease does not work anymore, and the Board is very aware of this. The market figures tell the story:
• The average market rental on the 17 abandoned properties is $980/week. On the latest valuations, the average new Trust Board Lease rent is $1,730/week (5% of the land value), and up to $3,650. Is this “fair and equitable?”
• It is inconceivable that the Chair is “unaware” of the 17 abandoned properties (list below) his Trust now owns outright. Some of these properties now have tenants renting at around $980/week.

2017-11-14 20:32:03 +1300

Well done! We finally have a response from the Chair of the Board. It exposes their attitude and makes many untrue statements...

2017-11-10 10:45:03 +1300

Thank you! Your signature and over 200 others helped us get coverage in the NZ Herald:

2017-11-08 09:01:18 +1300

Great news! We have over 100 signatures in the first few hours - thank you so much for signing, and sharing.
The NZ Herald called just now to run the story online this morning, so look out for that.

2017-11-08 08:20:22 +1300

100 signatures reached

2017-11-07 20:54:27 +1300

50 signatures reached

2017-11-07 16:25:22 +1300

25 signatures reached

2017-11-07 14:06:32 +1300

10 signatures reached