To: The Prime Minister

Stop the Cornwall Park Trust Board forcing families from their homes

Stop the Cornwall Park Trust Board forcing families from their homes

Bring the Cornwall Park Trust Board leases in line with the other Trusts to:

1. stop forcing families from their homes;
2. stop charging higher than market rents;
3. provide compensation if leaseholders leave.

Why is this important?

Resident leaseholders of Cornwall Park Trust properties are being forced to pay increased rents above market rates, or be evicted without compensation. The Trust Board has repossessed 17 homes, forcing families to leave with nothing.

The effect on leaseholders’ lives has been tragic - with bankruptcies, marriage breakups and mental health issues as families lose their homes to the Trust.

Families are being forced to pay new rents of up to $90,000 per year or be evicted without compensation from the homes they bought, often with big debts still owing.

90 more families will be forced to go unless the lease is updated. Family homes are left deteriorating and un-tenanted whilst there is a shortage of housing!

The remaining leaseholders will also be evicted unless the Trustees update the lease as the other Trusts have done.

These kinds of lease agreements were fair and quite common in the 1920’s but unless they are updated, families are forced from their homes.

When this happened in 1992, the government intervened and the other similar Trusts updated their leases to avoid the social damage. Dilworth and St John’s College and four other Trusts were involved.

The Justice Minister, Doug Graham’s Ministerial Inquiry recommended that the Trusts have a “moral and social responsibility” or legislation may be justified.

In response, the Trusts updated their leases to:

1. stop forcing families from their homes;
2. stop charging higher than market rents;
3. provide compensation if they leave.

The Cornwall Park Trust was not included and to this day refuses to update the leases despite many, many appeals from desperate leaseholders.

The only solution left is for the government to intervene as they did in 1992, and to legislate to force the Trustees to come into line with the other Trusts.

The current unelected Trustees are John McConnell, Keith Smith, Adrienne Young-Cooper and John Clark.

We ask the Prime Minister to intervene immediately to prevent the Trustees from causing further social damage.

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  • Everyone bought their homes knowing they had to pay a lease but no expected it to rise to this EXTORTIONATE amount. Not many can find an extra $770 per week and what happens when they retire and on a pension? Sir John Logan Campbell generously gave the park to the public and gifted extra land to provide lease income so all New Zealanders could use the park for free. Sounds like a good man. I doubt he meant to price the residents out of their homes. Have some compassion and LOWER THE LEASE!
  • I was a had a home on land leased from St Johns Trust They sold the land to another Trust who wanted to charge 990/week The max rent for a property at the time was 680 go figure Needless to say I lost all my investment and now owe the bank for the remainder of a mortgage. So in reality there is no protection under the existing law How Cornwall Park Trust can state that 660 for land rent is fair is beyond belief.
  • This is a terrible abuse of power. Residential Leasehold should be abolished as it is totally unfair and one sided on tenants.


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Well done! We finally have a response from the Chair of the Board. It exposes their attitude and makes many untrue statements...

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Thank you! Your signature and over 200 others helped us get coverage in the NZ Herald:

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Great news! We have over 100 signatures in the first few hours - thank you so much for signing, and sharing.
The NZ Herald called just now to run the story online this morning, so look out for that.

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