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Invest in a healthy and flourishing planet for our future - a covid response

Invest in a healthy and flourishing planet for our future - a covid response

As the Government prepares it's COVID-19 response, we urge it to prioritise our planet to ensure it is healthy and flourishing for our future. Creating this future requires the Government to invest in low-emissions practices, green technologies, climate resilient communities, and a thriving natural habitat.

To achieve a thriving planet, we must prioritise projects such as fast rail links, distributed and renewable energy, biodiversity enhancement, and protecting our waterways.

As tangata whenua are kaitiaki, we call on the Government to work with tangata whenua for self-determination of their sustainable economic projects.

If the Government fails to invest in a green future, and instead remains with the status quo, the climate and ecological crisis will continue to accelerate.

Why is this important?

The Government has shown a commitment to COVID-19 recovery and have indicated that it will make significant investment in infrastructure. To protect the planet and protect our future, it is important that this investment does not lock us further into the high-emission pathway we are on, as such investments will accelerate the climate and ecological breakdown.

The Government has tasked the Infrastructure Industry Reference Group to present it with projects that are ready to start within six months. The projects that are selected will be pivotal in determining our future! We are afraid for our ecosystems, animals and people that projects which lock us into a high-emission and ecologically unsustainable pathway will be selected. To prevent this, and to achieve a future that is connected to a healthy and flourishing planet, we need to urge the Government to invest in transformation climate change projects. Further examples of possible projects include restoring our ecosystems, enhancing walking and cycling routes, and green tech innovations.

Please sign this petition if you want to call on Government to invest in a healthy and flourishing planet for our future.

Government seeks infrastructure projects


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