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To: Auckland Council

We want more Park & Ride facilities on the Hibiscus Coast

We want more Park & Ride facilities on the Hibiscus Coast

We request that Auckland Council creates more public transport Park & Ride spaces & facilities on the Hibiscus Coast.

Why is this important?

Currently the Hibiscus Coast Bus Station Park & Ride has 521 spaces and AT plan to provide an addition 90 spaces in the year July 2019 – July 2020. These additional 90 spaces will not provide for the current demand, let alone for future growth.

Why we need more Park & Ride facilities;
1. Demand exceeds supply! Already Park & Ride vehicles parked outside of the Park & Ride facility on a weekday basis easily surpass 200 vehicles. As the area around the Park & Ride is developed these cars will have nowhere to park.

2. There are 55,000 people living on the Hibiscus Coast and there are subdivisions that are currently being developed, or are already on the market that are within, or on the boundary, of the Hibiscus Coast that will bring an additional 20,000 people to the area. These additional houses will generate annual rates revenue for Auckland Council of around $19 Million, we need that to be invested in transport infrastructure.

3. AT feeder buses from the Whangaparaoa Peninsula do not work. If you live in Gulf Harbour it will take you 40 mins to get to the Hibiscus Coast Bus Station. It’s actually quicker to catch an AT bus from Warkworth to the Hibiscus Coast Bus Station! (35 mins). One way commutes to the city via Public Transport that take 2 hours plus do not make Public Transport a viable option.

Why I think a petition is needed...
I found that in the public consultation for AT’s 10 year Regional Public Transport Plan that of the 462 people who submitted on it, only 42 supported more Park & Rides which I don't think reflects what many on the Coast want.

This petition is a simple way for Coasties to put their voice on this issue to Council as a whole to request more Park & Rides. Our power is in our numbers, so please share this with your locally based family and friends and if they want more Park & Rides encourage them to sign this petition now.

How it will be delivered

I will present this petition to Auckland Council on behalf of my community.

Painton Road, Silverdale 0993, New Zealand

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