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To: Wellington City Councillors

Save Shelly Bay

Save Shelly Bay

Dear Wellington City Councillors,

We urge that you vote no to selling or leasing the public land at Shelly Bay for a luxury housing development and take up the opportunity to support the establishment of the Whataitai National Heritage Park, the park will remain for generations to enjoy.

Please vote no to the huge housing development. It is time to decide with your vote to hold onto crucial public land which will be lost to the public forever.

Take the bold step of looking ahead for Wellingtons future, with Whataitai National Heritage park.

Why is this important?

Shelly Bay is a gem in the Wellington harbour, a place for all people. We ask you to support Shelly Bay becoming the gateway to a world-class national heritage park.

We urge you to contact your local Councillors ask them to think of the future. There is no requirement to deliver affordable housing in Shelly Bay Taikuru under the proposed development, proposed apartments are likely to be valued $1 Million or higher?

Furthermore a second housing development is being planned for on top of Watts Peninsula beside the prison this is another plan to development 100's of houses. We ask that you say no to the sale and lease and take the bold step of looking ahead for Wellington's future, with Whataitai National Heritage park.

This is an opportunity to do something great for our children's children's children.

Sign to support Shelly Bay becoming the gateway to a world-class national heritage park.

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person, possible meeting

Wellington, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Shelly Bay should be treated with respect and be available for all to enjoy it's scenic beauty. This not affordable to all for housing and not necessary housing for those in need.
  • Everywhere housing developments are taking over!
  • This is our landless tribe's only turangawaewae given in pitiful part redress for previous transgressions of NZ law by NZ gov. in stealing our land - apology 2009 - so as not to bankrupt NZ. We get to say how we exercise our guardian role - not $$$ or those who have stolen it again in 2020.


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1,000 signatures reached

2020-10-06 14:35:17 +1300

Thank you for signing the petition, your support is very much appreciated, if you have the opportunity to speak or email your local Councillor please do so the vote is coming up beginning November.

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500 signatures reached

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