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To: Jacinda Ardern

Bring Priya and her girls to safety in New Zealand

Bring Priya and her girls to safety in New Zealand

Bring Priya and her girls to safety in New Zealand

Why is this important?

Most of us believe family comes first.

But in just a matter of days, some people in the Australian government could deport two small girls to their death - unless the New Zealand government offers them safety.

Picture this: Two small girls scream with fear as they are forced to watch their mum being physically dragging onto a plane - she fights the attempt to deport her back to Sri Lanka, a country she escaped after watching her fiancé be burnt alive.

Priya knows that if she and her daughters are forced back, her daughters may suffer the same fate, or even worse as revenge for her escape, like any mum, she is fighting for her children’s safety.

Tharunicaa and Kopika are 2 and 4, they were born in Australia and have lived their whole lives in the town of Biloela, a community that loves them and their parents Priya and Nades and is desperately fighting for them to stay. The whole town wants them back home, but instead the Australian government has sent them to Christmas Island, a detention centre routinely used for the deportation of people with criminal convictions and which our own politicians have described as disgraceful.

While the Australian government is refusing to let them go home, we are begging the NZ government to step in and save these two girls from likely death. A temporary court injunction has stopped the deportation until Friday this week but without an intervention, their future remains uncertain and terrifying.

New Zealand has previously taken refugees rejected by Australia. In 2001, Australia refused entry to 433 refugees on the Tampa. Those people were welcomed by New Zealand and have gone on to become small business owners, doctors, nurses, public servants, students, keen rugby players and even a Fulbright scholar.

Priya’s husband, Nades, who she met in Australia has been working in the Biloela meatworks for over five years until they were taken into detention. He is hardworking and capable and, with meatworks employers across New Zealand screaming out for more workers he can start working straight away to support his family. They are the kind of family New Zealand needs and could have the same incredible impact on any new Zealand community that they have on the families of Biloela.

They are now two days away from being deported back to danger. They are the only refugees on abandoned Christmas Island prison. Tharunicaa and Kopika cannot stop crying, asking when they can leave this scary place and go back to their home.

It’s time for us to bring them here and allow them to make New Zealand their home.

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Reasons for signing

  • Plenty of room here :)
  • To help right a wrong and keep this family safe and together.
  • To get the family to NZ, a safe place to live.


2019-09-16 21:40:01 +1200

Thank you so much for signing my petition - over 1300 signatures so far!!

This Wednesday 18 Sept, Priya and her family will be back in court. If it goes well they will be given another court date and will remain on Christmas Island. If it goes badly and they are not able to continue their legal fight, they will likely be deported that night.

We are told by their supporters in Australia, that they are likely to be detained as soon as they arrive in Sri Lanka. All the publicity they have had makes them even more of a target.

Would you be able to share this petition with your friends and family so we can build more numbers. We will be giving the petition to the NZ government on Wednesday morning in the hope they will intervene if the court case goes badly that day.

Thanks again for your support. Two little terrified girls are relying on us to save them and their parents.

2019-09-06 18:28:28 +1200

1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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