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To: Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust

Protect Tumu Kaituna

Protect Tumu Kaituna

To The Trustees:

• We ask you stop the conversion of 56 hectares of our land to general land for securitisation purposes or selling to the public for residential sections. We do not want our land converted to general land or sold or used as collateral for loans for infrastructure for fear of losing it.

• To stop sand mining our whenua and destroying it. You were appointed to protect it but you have failed.

• To remove the 120 year lease registered against the land.

Why is this important?

Tumu Kaituna 14 has been recognised by Heritage New Zealand as land that holds considerable significant historical, archaeological, cultural importance to all of New Zealand and has areas on the land designated for protection and preservation.

Our concerns are the proposed urban development will destroy one of the few significant and unique historical, cultural, spiritual and environmental places we have left in Tauranga Moana which runs along our sacred Kaituna River.

We want to keep one of the last remaining pieces of Māori-owned land at Pāpāmoa (Aotearoa New Zealand) in Māori hands.

We are fighting a plan by Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust, Tauranga City Council, various developers and neighbouring non-Māori land owners that if successful will strip us of our ancestral land.

More than 4,900 Māori land owners will be alienated.

While the plan is expected to provide new housing for 15,500 people, we have seen no plans that provide housing for Māori land owners and expect the price range will be well out of Māori land owners reach.

We have concerns of what that kind of urban development would do to the environment and our sacred waahi tapu sites.

The plan lacks Māori values including intergenerational thinking. Our people are really hurt that those they have put their faith in could potentially take away what little land they have left.

Protect Tumu Kaituna campaign is led by the descendants of the original Māori land owners of Tumu Kaituna 14 who lived on the land during the flax trading era and fought for the land in the 1860s. Many died and were buried here. It is well known amongst Māori that kōiwi are buried all along the sand dunes at Papamoa. As recent as December 2017, 600 year old young Polynesian male bones were found on the land by an archaeologist and there have been many many other similar findings of koiwi.

Papamoa Beach Road, Papamoa, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Just want to reiterate what the other landowners have said, NOT ONE MORE ACRE TO BE SOLD.
  • because i am a shareholder
  • Our Whanau went there way back exact date can't remember but for our whanau I'm in


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