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Save the turtles

Save the turtles

Start using metal straws instead of plastic ones,start recycling, use paper and reusable bags, pick up any peice of rubbish you see on the street or on the beach. The little things help!

Why is this important?

Saving not only turtles but other sea animals aswell. It is so important because so many of them are dying because of the choices we make but we can fix that, we can help by using paper bags, other more reusable bags instead of plastic bags. When you go to the beach try and pick up as much rubbish as possible, instead of using those plastic straws you can buy metal straw that is cheap and you and use them over and over again. There are so many ways we can save all the sea animals little things makes big changes so let's make a start!

New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed this because I think that this is so important and we should all be doing our part


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