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To: Palmerston North City Council

Save Social Housing!

2018: Our on-the-ground campaign was highly successful in bringing the community together and winning 11-4 at Council, an outcome many though was near impossible. The council will not be charging market rents for their social housing.

Save Social Housing!

Dear Councillors, keep social housing affordable and say no to market rents!

Why is this important?

Housing is a right and a basic need.

Right now, the Palmerston North City Council has proposed to charge market rent for their social housing.

Council social housing must be affordable; for our current tenants, pensioners, vulnerable communities, and for the next generations. To charge market rents is a betrayal of citizens who need subsidised housing the most. Even a $7-$17 increase in rent paid will eat into the basic needs of those with little to spare and opens the door to further increases. Suitable housing is a human right and needs to be considered in terms of people lives first and foremost.

Please stand with us and sign the petition. Even better, tell your local councillors to vote no for market rent on social housing.

Palmerston North

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Thanks to everyone who has signed so far! Don't forget to keep the pressure on our council lors. Tuesday 22 May 5:30pm we have a public meeting coming up so make sure to come along!

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