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To: Southern Members of Parliament

Save Our Public Healthcare: Southern Members of Parliament

Save Our Public Healthcare: Southern Members of Parliament

To whoever wants to win our vote in 2017,

We call on you to restore at least $1.85 billion in Government funding to our public healthcare system.

We also seek your commitment to ensuring future annual health budgets cover:
- provision for new treatments
- population growth
- demographic changes
- inflation

Why is this important?

"It's very dangerous. If this continues we will slide into an American-style healthcare system." - Phil Bagshaw (Canterbury Charity Hospital founder and editorial co-author of the report: Funding New Zealand's healthcare system).

We all want our friends and family to be happy and in good health. When illness or accidents happen, we want to know they can get the healthcare they need, when they need it.

But the government has been underfunding our public healthcare system for almost a decade, putting good health and peace of mind out of reach for hundreds of thousands of people.

Today, our Health Budget is missing $1.85 billion in vital funds. [1] These are not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Each funding cut represents a person who might not receive a hip operation, cancer screening, counselling service or hospital bed because they can’t be funded.

Here are the facts:
* One in nine Kiwis are not getting the GP care they need because they cannot afford it. [2]
* There has been an almost 300 percent increase in crisis mental health referrals over the past five years and mental health workers are struggling to cope. [3]
* $1.85 billion is the increase in funding required to restore our overall health budget to the same proportion of the economy (GDP) as it was in the year to June 2010 when the underfunding crisis began​​.

The Government could afford to fund our healthcare system properly. They choose not to. In fact, the reported government surplus is almost exactly the same amount as the amount of underfunding.

Please take action today and sign your name. ​Together we can ensure Aotearoa New Zealand has a public health care system we can all be proud of.


[1] Did the Budget provide enough for health 2016? CTU Budget Analysis (please note the figures used in this study were conservative and we’ve since spoken to the authors who gave us the updated figure of $1.85b)
[2] Half a million Kiwis not receiving healthcare because of costs, Ged Cann, Stuff News, 3rd November 2016
[3] Mental health workers struggling to cope, RNZ, 7th June 2016

Otago, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • I agree...our health system needs to be better. The food alone at Dunedin Hospital could make you worse not better!!
  • Our government is failing to provide the level of healthcare all new Zealanders deserve. We need to work out what level the public find acceptable and then collect enough tax dedicated to that need alone - not just available for whatever vote-catching cause comes along. If the system (sort of) works for ACC, why can't a similar - levied/taxation - system (not private insurance) work for healthcare.
  • The present government are plundering the Health System and the rest of the Infrastructure to create a bogus surplus which they will then use to give themselves and their greedy groupies yet another tax cut. Their greed has caused many deaths and much misery. But they just don't care. They have no intention of straying from their hateful policies regardless of what we, the people, say.


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