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To: Hon. Winston Peters, Minister of State Owned Enterprises

Save our bank and post office

This campaign has ended.

To the Honourable Winston Peters, Minister of State Owned Enterprises:

We, the undersigned, request that:

1. You as minister of State Owned Enterprises take urgent steps to ensure a 5 year moratorium on NZ Post ceasing its Post shop operations in Newtown.

2. You as Minister take urgent steps to ensure a 5 year moratorium on Kiwibank ceasing its operations in Newtown.

3. You as a member of Cabinet propose a change to the relevant law so that NZ Post is converted from a State Owned Enterprise to a government agency with all that is entailed there in.

Why is this important?

NZ Post and Kiwi Bank provide important services and it's not just mailing letters and banking money. But their "for profit" motive is being put before serving the New Zealand public. These are publicly owned businesses which should serve the public. Sadly, services are being cut, prices are going up and branches are closing all over the country.

NZ Post has been closing branches for decades and the Newtown post office on Riddiford st is the next on the block. This would leave only the Kilbirnie post office and Kiwi Bank for all of the eastern suburbs.

Everything from ID photos to car registration can be sorted at these offices. A one stop shop for many admin things is important for people, especially those with limited access to modern technology and limited mobility. Other than the obvious job losses these further closures will effect people badly.

These State Owned Enterprises should be operating in the interests of the public, instead they are prioritising profit, often accompanied by cutting services, increasing costs, and closing outlets.

It's time to organise and draw a line in the sand. Please sign this petition.
If you would like to help with the campaign please email [email protected]

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