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To: Mayor Ray Wallace, Hutt City Council

Save Naenae Community Hall

Save Naenae Community Hall

We, the undersigned, urge you to reconsider the decision to demolish the Naenae Community Hall.

Why is this important?

In December 2018, Hutt City Council announced their decision to demolish the Naenae Community Hall and replace it with a yet-to-be-designed Community Hub.

However current residents are upset at losing this piece of our heritage. This hall is an important feature in the history of Naenae; the Naenae community voted for and agreed to contribute to the project through their rates in 1951.

There appears to have been no consideration for the current users of the hall, the functionality and varied purposes. Members of the Naenae community wish the hall could be retained, either as is or through adaptive reuse, to make it more functional and also fit for future possibilities.

Naenae residents say hub consultation inadequate, 26 Jan 2019

How it will be delivered

In person

Naenae, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

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