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To: Minister of Social Development, Hon Anne Tolley,

Save Lifeline

Save Lifeline

Shutting lifeline is a big mistake. People will have to face more time waiting for counselling without making urgent calls to lifeline. The vulnerable people will be roasted for sometime. Please don't shut down and keep pushing for maintenance and popularity.

Why is this important?

Counselling service Lifeline Aotearoa is announcing it only has enough money to run for one more year or it will have to shut down.

Not everyone can't wait to be counselled because it's a waste of time for them; I'm like that. My life, as well as the others, is precious for what we want to become.

We don't want to be treated or accept being a loser or a winner; it's gambling, and this discounts equality. More funding will have to be made and more people will rely on better ideas from counselling.

This should make counselors help the clients to make them feel more confident and satisfied without any short-sighted ideas.

I've been counselling for five years and I used the lifeline for sometime, and I've come a very long way to reach the finish line because my journey still lives on. I managed to create smart ideas from counselors without putting up any nonsense ideas from them, and they are challenging to put up with.

However, not everyone is clever as me and that's why more funding will have be made. I want myself to succeed alongside everyone. That's why we need to #SaveLifeline

Reasons for signing

  • This is something worth spending our tax dollars on. Step up National.
  • to help people suffer from depression is less important in this country
  • I really needed this service at two points in my life.. one back in 2002 and talking with that councillor saved my life.. I called again last year but it rang and rang and rang.. for 15 minutes and then hung up... and I was devastated.. these lines need to be opened and manned at all times. people need to access this amazing service.. I believe this is what my taxes should contribute to!


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