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To: Counties Manukau DHB

Safe parking for the staff of Middlemore Hospital

Safe parking for the staff of Middlemore Hospital

We want adequate parking for the staff of Middlemore Hospital (nurses, healthcare assistants, cleaners, orderlies, doctors, technicians, allied health, administrative staff, midwives and everyone else who works at Middlemore) and for this parking to be SAFE!

The staff pay to park here, and need CCTV installed in the 2 staff parking lots to minimise the number of break ins that are occurring and we need security guards in the parking lots.

Why is this important?

The cars of Middlemore Hospital staff are frequently broken into, causing distress and unexpected costs for the staff. This happens in the staff parking lots which are too easily accessible for people from outside the hospital.

Windows are smashed, things are stolen, steering wheels are broken, ignitions damaged. The fact that this mostly happens at night is very stressful for the staff who finish a shift at midnight and then often cannot drive themselves home because their cars have been damaged. There is also not enough parking for all the staff at the hospital.

Auckland, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • People deserve to feel safe while they’re working their butts off to feed their families and after saving lives, comforting sick people! They’ve got to deal with a break in???? So not fair
  • I am totally over the daily parking struggle.
  • Staff needs to safe


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