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To: The House of Representatives

Sports games of national significance should be live and free-to-air for everyone

Sports games of national significance should be live and free-to-air for everyone

Vote in favour of New Zealand First MP Clayton Mitchell's 'Games of National Significance Amendment Bill'.

Why is this important?

Sport is a part of our cultural identity. We invest $960 million each year in sports and recreation, but most live 'Games of National Significance' are only available to Kiwis who can afford a $1,000 a year pay-TV subscription. That's paying twice.

All New Zealanders should be able to watch our sportspeople competing at the highest levels.

New Zealand First MP Clayton Mitchell, has put forward a Bill that would make sure "games of national significance" are broadcast, live and free-to-air, on TV for all New Zealanders.

The bill would cover the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, all Rugby World Cup matches involving New Zealand, all domestic rugby test matches, the Super Rugby final, all domestic netball test matches, all Netball World Cup matches, and major cricket, rugby league, football, tennis and basketball matches.

Sky Television currently holds the rights for many of these events, including all All Blacks games. Statistics show more than one million homes in New Zealand don’t have Sky

Once upon a time, when New Zealand was a more egalitarian society and not divided as sharply into the haves and have-nots, the All Blacks test matches in New Zealand were free to view on television.

Kiwis love our sport, and should be able to have access to live coverage of 'Games of National Significance' without having to pay ridiculous amounts to private broadcasting companies for the privilege.

Australia and the UK already have 'anti-siphoning' laws that prevent pay-TV media getting exclusive broadcast rights. Let's even the playing field here.

Reasons for signing

  • We have probably lost the battle on this one because of the power of private TV stations...but we can win the War.
  • I would rather go back to the old days & pay a TV & Radio Licence Fee, and get all my sport under that system
  • Sky have to much say in NZ sport's..


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