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To: Tank New Zealand

Replace plastic straws with paper straws at Tank NZ

Replace plastic straws with paper straws at Tank NZ

Replace your plastic straws for juice with paper straws or another environmentally friendly alternative. However we want to keep in mind the accessibilty and acceptance everyone in the community so we would like to still keep the option and choice avaliable at Tank but the preference be paper.

Why is this important?

New Zealand is facing a big plastic pollution problem and straws have a significant contribution to the environment’s suffering.

Tank juices sells an abundant amount of juices served with a plastic straw everyday, if they were to use paper straws instead it would a small step to a big change in New Zealand's environment.

My school has two local Tanks so it’s relevant to us and also as we care about our contribution to fighting the plastic pollution problem in NZ.

All fast-food outlets, street-vendors, bars & cafes should be looking at how to sell their products in biodegradable packaging only.

There is no need for another 100,000 plastic straws to end up in the sea. The technology is here.

Most straws are used only once before being thrown away and take up to 200 years to break down. Single use plastics, including straws, make up more than three-quarters of all the 1.3 million litres of rubbish they've removed from New Zealand beaches.[1]

Others are showing it’s possible. Wellington Hospitality Group, which owns 25 venues throughout Wellington has already stopped using plastic straws. Group retail manager Andrew Williams said all its bars and restaurants had been trialling the "no straw approach" for months, and most customers had embraced it.[2,3]

With a world is awash in plastic waste Tank Juice can help a great deal by stopping the use of one-time-use plastic that will immediately go into our landfills, into our streets, into our drains and into our ocean.

This is a small step to a big change in saving our planet!

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Reasons for signing

  • For the holy earth as it is our saviour of life and the ground we stand tall on!
  • We need get rid of these horrible pieces of plastic destruction for the sake of the planet. Selling healthy diet choices whilst destroying the planet is not a good advertisement for Tank products!
  • I love tank


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