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To: Organisers and Promoters of Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl

Remove 'Waitangi Day' from the Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl & Cancel the drunk Haka

Remove 'Waitangi Day' from the Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl & Cancel the drunk Haka

Please remove Waitangi Day from the Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl name and cancel the drunk Haka.

Why is this important?

This is important because the inclusion of Waitangi Day in the pub crawl title enables and perpetuates the dishonouring of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and is culturally insensitive. It also provides (and has done so on many accounts) an opportunity for intoxicated pub-crawl-goers to try to perform the Haka while wasted.

The Pub Crawl (that has been going for 37 years) encourages New Zealanders in the UK to drink a lot of alcohol and 'celebrate' Waitangi Day by dressing up as 'kiwi icons' (eg. beer brands and marmite) and hop from one British Pub to another.

As well as this, photographs have long-ago emerged of people trying to imitate traditional Māori Korowai, Tipare and drawn-on Moko Kauae poking out tongues and attempting pukana.

Does this enhance mana? Does this contribute to British & Europeans seeing Haka performed incorrectly in London and therefore enables more terrible 'performances' of Ka Mate and Tika Tonu?

Does the use of Waitangi Day by a non-Māori lead organisation and community respect the pain, loss and struggle Māori people have endured and still fight for when it comes to Te Tiriti and the reclamation of land, reo and culture?

Reasons for signing

  • Respect Indigenous Culture!!!
  • Because I will be the future of Māori culture
  • Agree, it's time!


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