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To: Minister of Ministry of Social Development

Remove Oranga Tamariki as the name for CYPFs

Remove Oranga Tamariki as the name for CYPFs

Stop using Oranga Tamariki as the name for CYPFs

Why is this important?

Oranga is a kupu which implies wellness - culturally the fact that this Ministry uses kupu Maori is distasteful given the bullying tactics used to remove Maori mokopuna and tamariki from their families without engaging with the whanau.

Reasons for signing

  • Because the name is child youth family services not child wellness!!! So get it right cyfs!!!!
  • because i am maori and i dont believe the meaning behind it matches what they do.its like most prisons are maori names why? because there are more it because oranga deal with more maori.change the name!!!!!
  • Should have stayed as CYPFS😠


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