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To: The Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, The Minister for Finance

Rangatira ai te Whare Pāremata

Rangatira ai te Whare Pāremata

Sign this petition if you believe that the budget should be redistributed to accommodate, support and celebrate indigenous needs and excellence. We support the Māori Party Toi Māori policy to make sure that Te Matatini the Māori performing arts competition receives equal funding to Ballet and classical musical.

Why is this important?

Rangatira ai te whare pāremata is a social action campaign created by six young rangatahi from Wainuiomata High School. This rōpū was created upon the urge to push for policy change. Our aim is to influence the Sports, Arts, and Culture policy to redistribute the funds fairly.

We have chosen to advocate for this kaupapa because we are concerned about the distribution of the government's money and its priorities. One example of this is how the government has excessive vast amounts of money for foreign events (like America’s cup) instead of indigenous ones (like Te Matatini and Matariki). The America’s cup, a rich man's sport, received $149M, whereas Te Matatini which is Māori performing arts only received $1.9M. We believe the New Zealand Government need to re-evaluate their priorities when it comes to funding indigenous needs over international events.

With this petition we hope to bring attention to the community matters that our people suffer from on a day-to-day basis. We want to accommodate our people as this affair does not just concern us but all cultural minorities within Aotearoa. We must focus on returning to our roots and strengthening the connections our government has with our communities. Rather than supporting events that do not help the mending the wrongdoings made by colonisation.

“I listen to the sound of my ancestor's weep, as our tikanga drowns below Papatūānuku,

Reaching out to Aunty Cindy, screeching with my mouth stripped with silence.

Tangi te keo wails the words‘ “Whakarongo ki te hotuhotu o ōku mōrehu kuia”

Foreigners, the government fishes out their bulk wallets but... will always be at the bottom of the barrel when we are in need.

Dust, transparent seems to be what we always receive.

Indigenous, an empty word to cover up the imbedded wounds,

Te Matatini!

Haka Ngāhau!


Pave the tapuwae for Māori, the tie that holds the pen and paper




Our whare tapawhā screams to be coated with truth,

Open your eyes and see that the system isn't built for me,


To see us crumble below their feet, we fight till our words become carved,

Māori continue to sail the choppy waters of colonisation.

White flags will not be lifted, ka whawhai tōnu mātou.

This fight is for justice but with no blood shed.”

Keita Moses & Cynthia WiRepa-Kingi

How it will be delivered

We would like to present this petition to the Māori Party to influence the Government to change the budget to make it fair when funding events in terms of sports, arts, and culture.


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