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To: The Mayor of Whangārei District Council and Minister of Māori Crown relationships

Protect Onoke Pā, Whangārei

We call for Onoke Pā to be reserved as a wāhi tapu (sacred site). Remove residential zoning of Onoke Pā in Te Kamo, Whangārei.

Why is this important?

Onoke Pā is a well known wāhi tapu to the hapū of Te Kamo and nationally significant to our shared histories.

Hapū of Te Kamo have fought through the generations protection of Onoke Pā through Council processes and won in the Environment Court 1996 where it was recommended the land should be reserved as wāhi tapu, this did not occur.

2yrs ago we were advised that a developer Onoke Heights Limited sought to build 93 homes on Onoke Pā.

Whangārei District Council Planners advised Council to decline the resource consent siting 'significant cultural impact'. Council elected to engage an Independent Commissioner to hear the case.

Hapū of Te Kamo alongside concerned residents and members of the community gave evidence in the hearings late 2023.

On Monday 19 Feb 2024 hapū were advised of the Commissioner's decision to approve the consent application to build 93 homes on Onoke Pā.

We oppose this decision!
And seek your support as we campaign to Protect Onoke Pā sacred site for the wellbeing of the people of Te Kamo and future generations.

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Whangārei, New Zealand

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