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To: All Banks in New Zealand

Waive paywave fees for retailers

During the covid-19 pandemic we ask all banks operating in New Zealand to waive fees for retailers to install paywave or Apple pay facilities nationwide.

Why is this important?

With the threat of a community outbreak of coronavirus we need to keep ourselves and our communities safe. By encouraging all shops to install paywave facilities we can improve hygiene with non-contact payments so bacteria aren’t spread between people.

This simple action will almost certainly reduce the number of Covid-19 cases if there is community spread.

It will also reduce prices on goods and services as the fees won’t be passed onto customers. This will relieve the stress for many people who may have lost work or have reduced hours.

However at present paywave is too expensive for many businesses to install.

Banks have a role to play in keeping us safe and with the profits earned in previous years are well-placed to be able to offer this service. They can reduce fear and help keep daily lives normal, and make the cost of living a little bit easier.

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How it will be delivered

Deliver in person, email ,or hold a press conference if that becomes a possibility.

New Zealand

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