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To: The New Zealand Herald

NZ Herald, report on our women sporting heroes as you do our men!

NZ Herald, report on our women sporting heroes as you do our men!

Dear NZ Herald,

Please cover NZ women's sports teams in the same way you do men. The Black Ferns (World Champion!) Rugby team have had a victory over Canada and you gave it 3 paragraphs online at the bottom of your sports coverage.

If this was our male team you would have front page coverage with multiple photos and several articles dissecting the game.

Why is this important?

This is important for women, girls, men and boys everywhere who want a world where we're equal. Your paper reaches a huge audience, both online and offline, and shapes how we perceive our country and our people. If you must cover so much sport, at least cover women with the same adoration as men.

You have a responsibility to champion our successful female sportspeople . You owe it to a society where the pay gap between men and women is at it's worst for almost 10 years.
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Reasons for signing

  • Because I think it is so important that our girls and women get the same coverage and the same rights etc. I want my 2 young girls to see the e.g. All Blacks and the Black Ferns on TV and as well in print.How do they know what is out there for them to strive for and to achieve!!!!!


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