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To: Napier City Council

Napier City Council - take urgent climate action

We call on Napier City Council to declare a climate emergency and urgently address climate breakdown through new policy initiatives and specific deadlines.

We call for united action from our political representatives to acknowledge and address this challenge to be able to transition our present harmful economics to nurture the planet and look after the people.

Sign this petition to urge the Council to urgently declare a climate emergency so it can make decisions and allocate resources to protect our future.

Why is this important?

This is a call to action for our representatives to declare a climate emergency for our city and to take decisive action. Climate breakdown is a challenge for all humanity, but it is also our biggest opportunity.

By declaring a climate emergency we can ensure our representatives make the necessary decisions in time to save our local ecosystems and our planet.

The effects of climate change strike to the heart of our communities, and will have a major impact on local schools, residents, and businesses. We need urgent and strategic from our local council representatives to address the challenge seriously.

We have the means, and access to resources to transition, and we also have an obligation to countries worst affected by climate change.

Climate breakdown is challenging, but by decarbonising our economy, we will create more time for doing the things we love, with the people we love, in the nature we love. It will mean working less and sharing more. Driving less and cycling more. Polluting less and planting more.

A shift away from our consumer culture to re-invigorating community will mean we get to spend more time gardening, cooking, learning, reading, sharing, laughing, dancing, and singing together instead of spending hours on social media, or money on things we don’t need, for connection and validation.

It will mean paying the people who work in low-carbon jobs such as caregiving, teaching, nursing, healing, and restoration generously instead of bankers, polluters and corporate billionaires extracting all the wealth from the rest of us and our Earth.

In taking decisions we urge council members to consult with mana whenua Ngati Kahungunu at all times. We support the call of the National Māori Climate Network for urgent action.

We can create a green and beautiful future, we just need to have the courage to take action, and we ask our representatives to show us the way.

We can be leaders in the climate action space and set an example for other councils, and the country, to follow.

Read and sign 'An Open Letter from the Youth of Aotearoa' by School Strike 4 Climate NZ here:

How it will be delivered

To Napier City Council offices in Napier

Napier, New Zealand

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