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To: Auckland Council and the Airport Authority

Limit aircraft noise and pollution over Wattle Downs and South Auckland

Limit aircraft noise and pollution over Wattle Downs and South Auckland

We urge Auckland Council to investigate the process that Auckland Airport Authority followed in allocating flight paths to and from Auckland Airport and to make sure aircraft noise and air pollution is fairly distributed over the entire Auckland area.

Why is this important?

Over the past few years, the neighbourhoods of Wattle Downs, Weymouth, Clendon, Manurewa and Wiri have been subjected to increased aircraft activity creating excessive noise and air pollution both night and day as a result of the Smart Path Trials.

There is an endless onslaught of low flying aircraft which has serious impacts on the health and wellbeing of those on the ground close to airports and flight paths. Recently a noise monitor was installed in Wattle Downs. The report over the Winter months indicated that of the average 57 flights per day excessive noise events occurred in 20 flights each day. This is set to increase over summer.

We strongly believe that the Airport Authority has conducted unfair and unjust practices towards the residents of Wattle Downs in particular and South Auckland in general over the Smart Path Trials which were conducted over a two year period without notification to those affected.

The Southern Flight path and the two Northern Paths use satellite technology which condenses traffic in and out of airports over concentrated areas.

The Trials were conducted differently and had discriminatory results.

The two northern flight paths were monitored for noise prior to, during and following the trials
● The number of flights were limited, 5 flights to 10 flights per day
● There was a ban on flights during 10pm at night and 7am in the morning
● The communities had press coverage, consultation and a review process
● The negative feedback from residents resulted in the proposed number of flights, (30 per day) being cancelled and landing procedures amended to mitigate noise complaints.
● Total flights for both flight paths for the trial period was 1704

The southern flight path had no noise monitoring prior to during or after the trials, and
● There was no limit on the number of flights over the south
● There was no night time bans on flights, flights being permitted 24 hours a day
● There was no public awareness about these trials and noise complaints dismissed
● There was no consultation process with residents and thus no reviews of the trials
● Total number of flights over trial period: 10,118

The following actions are required:
1. Investigate the process that Auckland Airport Authority followed in allocating flight paths to and from Auckland Airports
2. Justly distribute aircraft noise and air pollution over the entire Auckland area
3. Ban ALL night time flights over residential areas not just those from affluent Auckland areas
4. Implement ALL known noise mitigation tools and strategies to alleviate unbearable noise and air pollution burdens
5. Review all procedures including redress for affected communities
6. Ensure that strong protections for communities and citizens near airports are built into Parliamentary Bills
7. Require that the Aviation Authorities inform and enter into dialogue with any potentially impacted communities of any changes in flight paths or procedures that would impact them.
8. Set up a Health and Medical committee to collate all available scientific information on this public health issue and report it's findings
9. Reassign the responsibility for environmental impact and monitoring and enforcement of acceptable noise and air quality levels to the New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency rather than the New Zealand Aviation Administration which has an inherent conflict of interest

Manurewa, Auckland, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • The helicopters and other aircraft just cause far too much noise and air pollution. We don’t need them, we’ll save money from maintenance, fuel and mental health medication if we just get rid of them.
  • endless low flying helicopters, day and night
  • marion hunt


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